How to install McAfee Using a McAfee Retail Card

McAfee is an American worldwide Company security software company which formerly known as McAfee Associate Inc. and Intel Group headquartered in Santa California. A McAfee Retail Card allows users to download and Install McAfee to your computer instead of using a CD. Through this you will get the latest version of McAfee and you can buy McAfee retail card through the nearest computer store. To Complete Download and Installation of McAfee you this read this entire article. In case if you need technical support to Download and Installation of McAfee you should make contact with the McAfee Customer Service Phone Number through dial its toll-free number and get the easy possible solution in the least time. The McAfee Customer service toll-free number is given in the last of this article.

In order to install McAfee using McAfee Retail Card you need to follow the given step properly:
Accessing the Download Page
1. First you need to go to the Download URL and you will get the Download URL for your download at the back of your Retail card. Enter the URL on your web browser.
2. Now you should select the country language of the McAfee Products.
3. Enter your PIN Code which is located at the back of the retail card.
4. Then click Submit button. You will get prompted to login your account.
5. Log in your McAfee Account through enter your username or email and password in the provided field.
Download and Installing McAfee
1. Users need click on “Go to My Account” on your page. An installer helper will automatically pop up. This will give you the fast access to the protection of your device.
2. Select the computer you are using from the pop up and click “Download”. You will be prompted to choose the subscription code.
3. Then Choose the Right one subscription code from the list and click to download.
4. After that Agree to the License Agreement. Click “I agree to accept the terms” to progress with the installation and download.
5. McAfee will install on your Computer after Click NEXT on the install window.
6. Then in the last the installation task is complete you need to click on the Finish.


In this Article we talk about how to install McAfee through using a McAfee Retail card. If you follow all the given above steps properly then you can easy install or Download the McAfee Antivirus without need of any external support. but in case if you need technical help then you surly make contact with the McAfee Customer Service through dial its toll-free number 1877-956-4555 and get the instant support and solution in the least time. Click here to know more about McAfee.