Process to Delete Adware Threats that Norton Antivirus Unable to Delete

Norton Antivirus is that kind of antivirus which can mainly focus on the viruses and malware. In this article we teach you the process to delete the adware threats which Norton unable to delete self. So, you just need to read this entire article properly especially the given below steps. While using Norton Antivirus if you are facing any kind of issue and you need best assistance to fix issue then contact www.Norton.Com/Setup or such other Norton related issue then you just make contact with the Norton Customer Service to resolve you issue in the least time.

There are few steps given which you need to follow to delete Adware threats that Norton Antivirus can’t delete:
• Norton Users first ensure that you have the latest update for Norton Antivirus and run it as usual.
• If the adware threat listed in the summary, record the name of the threats.
• Then you should click on the name of each threat to open a small box that contains the full path to each offending files.
• In order to bring up your Menu you should click your start button on your desktop window taskbar.
• Then Click Run on your menu.
• After that you need to text “cmd” in the Run text field and then click OK. This will open a DOS window.
• Then type “cd” in the cmd.exe file and press enter and this will help to change directory to the root of your C:
• Type ‘Cd’ again followed the path to the first of the offending files and presses enter.
• User should type ‘dir’ once you get the directory and you will get the directory of all files in the folder.
• You can ensure that the offending file is listed there.
• Then type ‘del’ followed by the offending file name.
• And again type again to list the directory, which assure that you the offending files are gone.
• User must repeat previous step until all are you gone. If you have more than one file and the remainder are in the same dictionary.
• In the last you need to type exit with press enter key to close the DOS window when all your files are gone.


In the above article we have discussed that the process by which you can delete Adware threats which Norton can’t delete. If you follow all the given above steps then you can easily delete the adware threats without having any kind of trouble. In case if you need the Norton tech support help then you should need to make contact with the Norton Customer service through dial its toll-free phone number 1866-549-8444 to get the best possible solution in the least time. Visit Here to get more information about the Norton Products.